New Skills and Feats

This is a WOP so give me some time. I’m hoping to load a whole bunch of info for you guys, but it may take some time until I’m finished going through the Munchkin card game.

This is from the Munchkin Player Handbook with some typing license.


Carouse(Con; AC Penalty): You are an experienced party-goer, who knows his limits and waves as he shoots past them on his way to total inebriation. Purpose: To know if you’re having fun.

Ecdysiast(Cha; AC Penalty): You may use this skill to distract opponents. Purpose: Opponents must make a Will save or be distracted by your activities.

Gamble: Baby needs a new chainmail bikini! Purpose: This is the skill you use to cheat NPCs, or even PCs, out of their hard-looted income.

Knowledge(Adventure Spoilers)(Int., Trained only): You know what’s coming!

Pose(Dex.): Looking cool is almost as important as being cool. Purpse: When you do something cool in game,a successful roll your foes incur -2 circumstance penalty to their morale.

Seduce(Cha): If you need me to tell you what this is for, you shouldn’t be taking this skill. Purpose: Will automatically work if the party is unresisting. If you fail, bad things happen – a drink thrown in your face is about the mildest you can hope for.

Whine(Cha): Use this skill to get your way. Purpose: If you don’t like how the game is going, roleplay this skill to the best of your ability. Give it a try the DM might give in, you never know.


“Cheats are inherently bogus and wonderfully powerful abilities which characters can choose for themselves as they go up in levels. A mind-bogglingly hug vareity of Cheats is available in both. . . Beg Pardon? It is? Really?? With an “F”? Okay, fine. We’ll do it their way( Munchkin Player Handbook Pg. 26)


Ammo Written in Pencil(General): Whenever you use ammunition in a ranged attack you make a bluff check to see if you mark off the ammo.

New Skills and Feats

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