Character Setup

<u>Remember if you want to be something else, I'll have the jimmy-rig it to fit the campaign so the more notice you can give me the better.</u>

Basic Choices:

You know the drill for the description and character name. Any questions, ask, otherwise have fun. NO DARK ELVES OR ELVES THAT ARE DARK!

You all start out as level one, since I don't know if that's a good thing or not yet.  

Classes: 1.) Bards 2.) Clerics 3.) Monks 4.) Thieves 5.) Warriors 6.) Wizards

Races: 1.) Human 2.) Dwarf 3.) Elves 4.) Gnomes 5.) Halflings 6.) Orcs

Ability Scores: Do as you normally would, 4d6 drop the lowest. The abilities are the same as in a standard DnD campaign so I don't really have to worry about this. Place them best for your class, since it is pretty much the same as well.

Alignment: Don't be tooo evil, because I'll have to kill you otherwise.



Character Setup

The beginning (Munchkin Style) rashel_nw