The beginning (Munchkin Style)

For Starters. . .

EKKK! Not another campaign

Well, here we go again. Since some of my group got to play the card game Munchkin, I thought "Hey, let's try the d20 Munchkin game!" And with that goes 2 things: 1.) Shoot me for changing formats and driving myself nuts trying to figure out a campaign. 2.) Somedays just seem to be against you. I'm trying to modify a character sheet to work a little better for this game and for the players, but everytime I start working on it someone calls and distracts me. The campaign idea is simple, basic dungeon crawl with comedy and lots of "Role" playing. There's not much for weapons and armor in the game, so hopefully I can create some using some ideas from the box and a standard players guide. Oh well, I need to go email my players and get them involved/help/beg them for mercy.

Rashel_nw (GM)



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