The beginning (Munchkin Style)

Character Creation

Pick a card, any card.

I have already spoke to 3 of the other players and they have decided what class and races they are going to be. What I'm still waiting on is for 2 of the players to get back online and I need to send an email to another player to get him signed up. Below I'm going to post the classes and races I would prefer you to choose from. If you really, really want another class/race option, you'll have to contact me before Sunday. Okay is the basics:

Classes: 1.) Bards 2.) Clerics 3.) Monks 4.) Thieves 5.) Warriors 6.) Wizards

Races: 1.) Human 2.) Dwarf 3.) Elves 4.) Gnomes 5.) Halflings 6.) Orcs

Remember if you want to be something else, I'll have the jimmy-rig it to fit the campaign so the more notice you can give me the better. If I remember correctly I think we will have 2 warriors and a cleric so far, don't remember the races so they'll have to fill us in.

There are some really funny new skills and feats that will be in the game, so think comedy when you design your characters. This is based off the card game "Munchkin", which I'll get everyone to play once before we start the campaign. My idea is that this will give you a sense of how humorous this will be and the kind of game play is involved.

I'm still working on the character sheet, I must of not saved part of the changes I did before I closed it. In addition, I've gotten the card game out and have some really fun ideas for weapons and armor addtions. If you want, please come up with a brief background for a character so I can see how to intro the campaign.

So, in the end, we have 1 week of Kobolds, even if I have to drag you over to play, plus I want to play Munchkin one week. With only one players handbook and a GM winging the whole campaign, that should give us enough time to get everyone on the same page.

Hopefully we can get everyone online and using this site to get ready, might catch up with some downtime and people trying to blow-up their rigs.

This campaign will probably only last a handful of weeks, then we'll jump into something else depending on how it goes and what you guys want to do.

Rashel_nw (GM)



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